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The Prophet

Henry Motebang is a lover of God, the bishop of Jordan House and an ordained prophet of God who has a heart to see men live in the freedom and power of God’s abundant supply of grace. He is based at Maseru in the Kingdom of Lesotho. He was called to be a minister of God in the year 2001 and has since then pursued ministerial training. Henry studied ministerial training at Rhema Bible College for three years and is currently pursuing his degree in Theology with the University of South Africa.

He has served in the ministry for about 7years and has functioned in the areas of teaching, pastoring, evangelism and prophecy. God has used him a lot in the area of healing the sick through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But the prophet believes that he is called to being a prophetic voice to nations and speak concerning national issues. Prophet Henry prophesies on both a personal and national level and the Lord has proven His prophetic word through him many times through fulfillment of these prophecies.

God has given him amongst other things the vision to raise up prophet from all over, to train them, to edify them and protect them. As an answer to this call prophet Henry has started a ministry within Jordan House dedicated to this vision called the International Compay of Prophets (ICOP). Through the ICOP he networks with various upcoming and established prophets and those called to the prophetic ministry. He holds special sessions to edify them and help them manifest a quality prophetic ministry that is effective.

Above all, Prophet Henry has a heart to teach God’s people about his grace in an intense way that produces freedom from sin and death bringing people closer to God and breaking the power of condemnation off of their lives for good and give them a righteousness-consciousness. Many testimonies and miracles have come to bear witness that gospel of God’s grace is making a huge difference in the lives the people he has ministered to.

All this could not be possible if not for the grace of God. So we thank God for his grace and give him all the glory for all the good things he has done and is yet to do through his servant.

The best is yet to come!